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The Leading Kitchen Remodeling Service in Yorktown

When it comes to kitchen remodeling in Yorktown, NY, there is only one you need to remember—Yorktown Kitchen and Bath. For many years, we have been the kitchen remodelers that people rely on for friendly and professional service. What’s more, we are dedicated to achieving absolute customer satisfaction. So, you can expect us to take a personal approach every step of the project—from initial discussions and writing up the quotation to the actual construction and finishing touches. We always work within the client’s preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Once we’re done, you will have a kitchen that you can truly call your own.

What Our Clients Have to Say!

“Truly a pleasant experience from start to finish. Everything that David said he would do, he did. From concept to design, through to completion, my voice was heard and everything was done perfectly.”

Carmine DelPiano

Mohegan Lake, NY

“My wife has been wanting a kitchen remodel for over five years, so we finally decided to go through with it, and it turned out great. My wife is happy and so am I. Now I wish we did this years ago!”

Mike Longsworth

Cortlandt Manor, NY

If it wasn’t for this company, we wouldn’t have a truly functional kitchen. Thank you for the quick and impeccable work that you did restoring our home. I highly recommend their kitchen renovation service, very professional and affordable!.”

Lilly Jaffe

Yorktown, NY

Expert Kitchen Design and Installation Services

When you turn to Yorktown Kitchen and Bath, you expect kitchen renovation specialists to listen carefully to your needs and preferences. This way, we can provide you with a bespoke kitchen that reflects your lifestyle and personality. What’s more, we make the process smooth and convenient by providing comprehensive services, including plumbing and electrical installations. We only employ qualified kitchen fitters who share the same passion for quality workmanship and professional customer service.

If necessary, we can replace your doors or countertops. We have the equipment, skills, and knowledge needed for working with various materials, including porcelain, tiles, and laminate surface coverings. You can turn to us for the following:

  • Full kitchen remodeling and construction service

  • Assistance in securing local council permits and approvals

  • Wide range of kitchen fixtures, including sinks, taps, and cabinetry

  • Porcelain, engineered stone, and granite countertops

  • Kitchen plumbing, electrical work, and finishing

How We’ll help you create the kitchen of your dreams!


There are many kitchen remodelers in Yorktown who promise beautiful results, but none of them comes close to the level of quality service we provide. When you work with us, we will ensure that the layout and design of your kitchen will promote maximum efficiency. We’ll ensure that you’ll be able to move around the space easily when you’re cooking, cleaning, or even entertaining guests. Here’s how we’ll come up with the ideal kitchen layout:

kitchen floor plan designer
Analyze the work triangle

Our kitchen remodel designers understand that the three most important elements in the area are the stove, skink, and the refrigerator. We will place these elements and form a work triangle that will ensure maximum efficiency. Our team will strategically position them, allowing you to move seamlessly between them during cooking and cleaning.

If the existing space permits, we can design the layout to give enough floor area for two people working in the kitchen without always getting in each other’s way. If you heavily use the area, we can also make several work triangles to accommodate your needs. For instance, we can have an additional area for baking where you’ll also have a sink, oven, and refrigerator.

functional kitchen space design
Ensure Functionality

Before, kitchens were solely used for preparing food. However, when you’re hosting a party, the area can become the primary room. After all, a lot of people love to cook and they too want to join the party. Well, when you hire us, we can design and open and inviting kitchen that still allows the cook to have their uninterrupted area. We can achieve this layout by installing an island with seating. The cook can talk with their guests without disrupting food preparation. This way, they can entertain and cook without feeling excluded.

Nothing is worse than hosting a party and being stuck in the kitchen, so we can help fix that. The layout of your kitchen is everything and we want to make sure it’s right.  So give us a call today!

kitchen remodel in Yorktown
Choosing Cabinets

While we want you to have a beautiful kitchen, we also want the design to be practical. So, we’ll help you choose the cabinetry. Moreover, we’ll assist you in deciding how to install them. Once we start working with the plan, we’ll discuss how you’ll use the cupboards—whether you’ll keep your good China in them for display or you’ll need shelves where you can keep your spices. Rest easy knowing that the final design will suit your daily use. After all, in kitchens, there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.

The great thing about custom cabinets is that they are uniquely your own to suit your space. Every chef has their favorite utensils and we can help you showcase them and keep them in places that make it easy to retrieve. And the best part is that since each has their own spot, they will never get lost!

kitchen design plans
Create a Suitable Floor Plan

There’s no better way to get an idea of your future kitchen than looking at a carefully planned floor plan. We will create the kitchen layout for you so that you can determine how you’ll use the room. You will be able to assess what works best for you and your loved ones. You’ll have the freedom to move the seating, cabinets, and appliances around to come up with the ideal arrangement for your personal needs.

When you need expert kitchen remodeling services in Yorktown, do not hesitate to contact the specialists from Yorktown Kitchen and Bath. Our custom remodeling solutions will help you make the kitchen of your dreams a reality. They don’t call us the best kitchen remodeling company in Yorktown for nothing!

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