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You should only hire the expert countertop installers in Yorktown Heights, NY. Here at Yorktown Kitchen and Bath, we have a team of expert technicians who can turn your dull kitchen countertops into a stunning conversation piece. Whether you want a luxurious bathroom or you want a rustic kitchen, we can install the right stone countertops for you. As one of the leading countertop contractors in Yorktown, we always strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. So, you can expect us to work closely with you, providing you with the innovative and creative solutions that your project requires.

Unparalleled Countertop Installation in Yorktown NY

When you hire us as a countertop contractor, you can expect professional service every step of the way. Get in touch today and enjoy a free measure and price quote to get your project started. If you wish, we can assist you in creating and collecting templates for your remodeling project. As such, you’ll be able to design that perfect granite countertop for your kitchen or bathroom.

When it comes to supplying and installing quartz countertops, our services remain unparalleled. Our industry-leading customer service and quality craftsmanship have cemented our status as one of the top countertop contractors in Yorktown. Trust that our years of experience will guarantee the prompt and efficient completion of your project. 

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How to Choose the Ideal Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops

At Yorktown Kitchen and Bath, we have the skills and experience needed to turn your countertop into a stunning conversation piece for your guests. Aside from making a good impression on people, your benchtop can also be your kitchen’s functional piece of furniture. However, we know that it can be difficult to determine the material that will suit your needs and lifestyle. As such, we’ve listed some factors to consider when selecting the ideal benchtop material for your kitchen or bathroom.


If you want a cost-effective solution, opt for laminate. It offers the same benefits as other countertop materials, especially when it comes to durability and longevity. If you have a roomier budget and you want a unique look for your countertops, opt for natural stone materials like marble, quartz or granite. Your budget will determine the material you can have, but that doesn’t mean you will skimp on style. Budget friendly options create great and reliable countertops.


Make sure you choose a benchtop design that complements the overall style of your home. For instance, if you have a heritage house, it may not be ideal to use a polished surface. That kind of material is better suited in modern-minimalist houses. If your budget permits, we encourage you to use the same material for your kitchen and bathroom countertops. This way, you will have an aesthetically pleasing and seamless color pallet in your home.


Another factor to consider when selecting your countertop material is the size of your kitchen. Let’s say you want a seamless look for your benchtop. In this case, you shouldn’t opt for tiles. Instead, you’ll need bigger slabs that will be cut according to your specifications. Custom countertops can be cut to any size, and should always be made to fit your kitchen specifically. The size of the countertop will be measured precisely so there are no seams or gaps that will change the look.

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Sometimes having someone see your property is helpful to envisioning your dream bathroom remodel. Call us today for a free consultation.

We Specialize in the following countertop materials:

quartz countertops
Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are durable and nearly indestructible. They are also highly customizable. You can get the exact look you were going for with a quartz countertop. Is a very heavy material so it needs to be professionally installed on a structurally sound surface. It is also environmentally friendly because it can be regionally manufactured and fabricated locally. The best thing about quartz is that the countertops never need to be resealed. It is not a porous surface so it is easy to keep your countertops relatively bacteria free.

granite countertops
Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are 100% natural hard Stone and are very popular countertop choice. It is mine from quarries around the world, cut to size, and then polished to a beautiful finish. Granite is naturally formed so it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You will want to look at the exact piece that you will be getting to know the type of pattern or grain that goes through it. No to granite counter are the same. Granite should be cleaned daily open water or mild cleaner. It can be stained by some oils or acids so to maintain longevity you should have your countertops resealed once a year.

stone countertop
Stone Countertops

We wouldn’t say that stone is one type of countertop, but more a category of countertop. There are many types that you can have, but they all have one thing in common. They are pretty durable. Many types of stone countertops are stain resistant and scratch resistant. Between marble or quartzite and travertine or limestone, there are so many different choices to choose from. The colors are endless too. That is why we love stone countertops for all of our customers. They’re easy to maintain and will last you as long as your house. Check out our selection of stone countertops below.

laminate countertop
Laminate Countertops

We’re not surprised when we saw a dramatic increase in the popularity of laminate countertops. After all, we and our clients are aware of the material’s numerous benefits. Here at Yorktown Elite Home Remodeling, we offer laminate countertops in a range of colors, textures, patterns, and even finishes. What’s great about this material is that it allows people to enjoy incredible functionality at an affordable price. And the durability can’t be beat!

tile countertops
Tiled Countertops

We understand that countertop tiles have a three-fold function. Customers choose these materials for decorative, aesthetic, and practical purposes. You can trust us to supply and install tiles of the highest quality. Once we’re done with the project you will have countertops that will last for a long time, having the capability to withstand deterioration and breakage. Tiles provide a rustic or country look that some people love in a remodel. We can get the perfect look just for you!

porcelain countertop
Porcelain Countertops

Our porcelain sintered countertops are made out of colored pigments and special powdered clay. The ingredients are bonded together under incredibly high pressure and temperature. The process results in a material that is resistant to heat, making it the perfect choice for backsplash and countertop surfaces around ovens and cooktops. As a hygienic and tough solution, porcelain countertops provide homeowners with the perfect all-rounder for their kitchen or bathroom.

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Vermont Slate





Other Materials


Engineered Stone

Enameled Lava




Butcher Block

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