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If your home is need of a make-over, turn to the trusted home remodeling pros in Westchester County–Yorktown Kitchen and Bath. Our highly skilled and professional team will make sure your home becomes in every way, the dream you are after. Whether you need to renovate a space, an entire home, or an apartment, we are the renovation contractors you can depend on. We guarantee to bring our passion for accuracy, incredible eye for detail, and dedication to quality to your project –no matter how big or small.



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Your Dream Home Built by Expert Remodeling Contractors

You’ve worked hard to achieve the life you have always wanted. You’ve found the home in the perfect location. But a lot still has to be perfected before you can call it your dream house. This is where a renovation company such as Yorktown Kitchen and Bath comes in. Our staff understands the time, effort, and money you invested in your property. As such, when you hire us to redo your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or an entire house, you can trust us to treat the project as if it were our own.

Don’t put off your home improvement another day, make today the day you make the call!

Yesterday’s outdated houses become present-day masterpieces with the assistance of Yorktown Kitchen and Bath! We tailor our remodeling process to satisfy our customer’s specific needs. Whether you will need new countertops or you have to refresh your bathroom’s appearance, you can expect quality outcomes from the design stage to the finishing touches. Our detailed collection of home remodeling solutions in Yorktown contain the below solutions.

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Home Remodeling

Our general home remodeling solutions can cover every element of your dwelling. Trust our renovation specialists will work with you each step along the way. We’ll listen attentively to your specifications and make certain you will have a home you can call your own. Whether you’re thinking about a small, 1 room remodel or renovating your whole home, we’ll make the process simple and easy. Our knowledge and experience means that you can be hands-off and continue with your day to day activities. Leave the stress to us!

kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is among the most important rooms in your house. Families build memories more than baking cakes and cooking dinners within this region. Obviously, you would need a kitchen with all of the practical features you will need for preparing tasty dishes. Here at Yorktown Kitchen and Bath, we will use our expertise to design and construct a kitchen that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing. We utilize a time-tested procedure to design an ideal design that can bring maximum efficacy in the region. Let’s design a kitchen that is appropriate for your requirements!

bathroom remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling

Should you aim to raise the value of your home, the ideal place to begin a remodeling job is in the bathroom. Bathroom updates may be modest, but they create the worth of a house go up . That is one of the very first things people see when they’re purchasing a house. We’ve got a team of expert contractors that will help you choose the design and materials which can reflect your lifestyle and tastes. Once we are finished, you’ll be left with a bathroom that will endure for decades and will keep magnificent every guest that’ll see your property.

countertops contractor


Whether you would like a rustic kitchen or a luxurious bathroom, our staff can install the perfect countertops that will be suitable for the design you desire. We’ll use our experience and artistry to flip your counter right into a conversation piece that will impress your visitors. What is more, we now only use premium quality materials which will promote performance, durability, and efficiency. We realize that the kitchen and the bathrooms are chambers which people use daily. Therefore, we be certain we provide results that are strong enough to withstand daily abuse. Our specialists know a lot about countertop materials and styles and also can help you select one to best meet your requirements. Regardless of your budget, we can help out with finding you the ideal countertop for any area it’s in.

classic cabinets kitchen remodel

Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

You may consider purchasing ready-made cabinets and installing them yourself. Upfront, you might be saving money, but you will quickly realize this is not the cost-effective option. If you don’t have the proper tools, understanding, and skills, you may end up making mistakes in cutting and mounting the cabinetry. As such, you’ll have to do everything over again and buy new materials. On the flip side, when you hire people, it is possible to anticipate that the dimensions are true. Consequently, there’ll not be any irregular surfaces, ill-fitting appliances, and uneven surfaces. You can make certain that the cabinets will not come falling on you unexpectedly since our staff will firmly mount them.

drywall installations

Drywall Installation & Repair

In addition, we possess the tools and skills required for implementing plasterboard to several surfaces, such as metal framing, wood, and masonry. You may expect our staff to completely skim, tape, or combined the arid lined finishes. We’ll work hard to attain an even and smooth end, letting you have a superb canvas for virtually any paint color or wall feel which you enjoy. From repairing any structural and cosmetic damage in your own drywall, we can keep your house energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Drywall is fundamentally the very first thing that you see when you walk into a house. It’s almost everywhere so it ought to be kept and looking great!

flooring installation

Flooring Installation

As one of the leading home improvement contractors in Yorktown, we only use top quality materials when installing flooring. Our group specializes in various flooring substances , such as laminate, tiles, and ceramic. You are able to pick from a range of laminate flooring designs, such as timber-like print. Consequently, if you would like the appearance and feel of hardwood flooring but your budget does not allow it, you can elect for laminate floors –the cost-effective alternate. Moreover, our tiles and ceramic slabs are durable enough to withstand heavy use. With routine maintenance, they’ll stay magnificent and resistant to heavy use.

painting contractors in Yorktown Heights

Painting & Wall Textures

By hiring our painters, you are able to breathe fresh life to your own drab and outdated walls. Our staff only uses the best quality paint to make certain our customer’s insides will remain magnificent for quite a while. Should you would like to have your house’s exteriors painted, then we’ll use products which may protect your home from the harsh Yorktown ailments. But if you would like a creative method to elevate the appearance of your dwelling, you can elect for our feel coating solutions. This alternative is also an inexpensive way to mend damaged plaster walls in case you do not need a comprehensive paint overhaul. Give a textured wall a try and you will be amazed by how many compliments you receive from guests!

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Yorktown Kitchen and Bath employs a team of carpenters and contractors who focus on installing a vast assortment of windows. Whether you need sliding, awning, bi-fold, double-hung, casement, louvre, or sashless windows, we’re your go-to builders. Whether you have to replace one window or you are upgrading all of the windows into your whole home, we’ll finish your job to the greatest standards. Often people do not recognize how significant windows actually are to houses and elect for inexpensive or ill-fitting windows. This may lead to massive problems down the line and you’ll receive fog or hear a lot of noise from outdoors. Selecting the ideal windows can create a world of a difference.

Professional Carpenters

As a one-stop company for all remodeling services, we also offer professional carpentry. Our skilled and qualified carpenters take pride in providing quality craftsmanship. The results are always evident in the bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovation, home extension, and wardrobe construction projects they complete. We have the tools, equipment, and knowledge to deliver personalized woodwork projects that meet the highest standards for quality.

Why Choose Yorktown Kitchen and Bath?


Over the years, we have established our footing as the trusted home improvement contractor in Yorktown. We take pride in our work and the results are always evident. What’s more, we always ensure that our services are transparent. We never surprise our customers with hidden charges at the end of a project. We always ensure that we provide detailed quotes that cover all aspects of the home remodeling service.

Remodeling Experts

As experienced home improvement contractors, we know how to determine the best solution to any construction problem. Using our strong technical knowledge, we collect the proper information to identify the ideal course of action for any building issue that may arise. Our years of experience in the industry can guarantee that your project will be completed to the highest standards.

Competitive Rates

Even if you obtain quotes from various contractors, you will quickly learn that our rates are highly competitive. One of the reasons why we’ve stayed in the business for several years is because of our commitment to providing premium quality services at reasonable prices. Always compare prices, but remember that other contractors may not provide the same quality.

Our Comprehensive Home Remodeling Process

Here at Yorktown Kitchen and Bath, we strive hard to bring the best value for our customer’s money. As such, we always follow an excellently planned process to ensure the highest quality results. When you hire us for any home improvement needs in Yorktown, your project will go through the following:

Establishing the dream

Our planning specialists and design consultants will work with you and listen carefully to your preferences. We will consider your needs and taste while discussing the design opportunities and restrictions that exist in your location.


Securing permits when necessary

Once we’ve agreed on a plan, we will identify whether permits are necessary for your apartment or home remodeling project. We will determine the local authority requirements, assisting you with the completion of all necessary paperwork, including elevations and drawings. We will ensure that your plans will be submitted for successful approval.


Addressing Issues along the way

If there are challenges or objections to the design or planning permissions, we will work with you, the local authorities, and design consultants to come up with a solution that will enable your project to move forward.

Home Improvement Work

As one of Yorktown’s trusted remodeling contractors, we ensure that the project will be completed promptly and precisely. We will expertly execute the plan and will keep you updated about the progress throughout. When you choose Yorktown Kitchen and Bath, you can ensure that your project is in safe hands.

Want A Custom Consultation?

We would be honored to be a part of your renovation, and that starts with an on-home consultation.


Here at Yorktown Kitchen and Bath, we work hard to achieve absolute customer satisfaction. So, if you have any questions, we are ready and available to answer them. Here are some of the common questions that we receive from our clients:


Do I have to move out during the remodeling?

Both parties must consider the extent of the renovation project. Even so, no matter how small the work area is, it still boils down to your level of toleration on disruptions and inconveniences. Keep in mind that if you try to live in your home during a full-scale home improvement, you will absolutely be inconvenienced. In cases like this, we recommend that our clients arrange alternative housing during construction. Otherwise, they’ll have to deal with the workers going in and out, the dust, debris, and disrupting noises. Moreover, some basic amenities—including the bathroom—may be unavailable during the project. Of course, for some people, this can be unacceptable.

Do I have to Secure Permits?

Again, this depends on the extent of the project. Usually, smaller remodeling projects like replacing countertops or existing sinks do not need permits. However, if you’ll need to demolish walls, install new electrical wiring, or change anything in your home’s layout, you’ll have to secure permits. In any case, we will discuss any paperwork required for your project. Don’t worry because we will help you with the process. Keep in mind that you’ll be responsible for the costs of the permits. Also, you’ll need building permits for distinct plans, architect’s drawings, and other similar documentation. We can hire an expediter to make the processing easier for you. However, you still have the option to submit the paperwork yourself, if you want.

Can I have wooden flooring in the kitchen?

Wooden floors remain to be a popular option for kitchens. However, a lot of designers, including our team, do not recommend it. The material is susceptible to water damage. What’s more, the kitchen is a high-traffic area. So, the finish will wear off easily and you’ll have to refinish it more frequently than other floorings in your house. Even so, if you insist on having wooden floors in the kitchen, feel free to use them. Just know that you’ll end up with high-maintenance floors in the area. Usually, we recommend ceramic tiles, natural stone, or engineered stone in the kitchen because they are resistant to humidity and leaks.

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